adam wagler


I am an assistant professor of advertising and public relations at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My professional background and research interests revolve around interactive media in communications, advertising, and education. Six years of professional work has been supplemented by a number of grant projects at UNL building websites, mobile apps, and other digital projects.

Currently, I am researching topics on a UX perspective with instructional technology, monitoring public issues with social media analytics, the integration of interactive in the advertising creative process, and emerging digital technology.

A graduate from Iowa State University’s College of Design I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Visual Studies. My degree had an emphasis in Drawing, Photography, & Computer Graphics and included a semester abroad at Swansea University in Wales. I also hold an interdisciplinary master’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Marketing, Communication, and Advertising. Currently, I am doctoral candidate at UNL in Instructional Technology with an emphasis in informal learning using emerging technologies.