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Stella Artois – Le Courage


Stella Artois, a European brewery not only has super sweet beer that everyone should try it also has a couple of amazing websites. There regular site,, is very entertaining with the its’ “cinema” style. It blends the borders of a websites navigation into a entertaining film(s). Classic example of an Advertainment in my mind.

They also have a new campaign called “Le Courage” where you bravely navigate the challenges of brewing beer in 1366. Again its a wonderful blend of advertisement and entertainment. It has a short, amusing story line which you play a simple short “game” to accomplish your task. The visuals themselves are a very well done flash piece that combines live action video with flash interactivity. Check out it out here.

Courtesy of Adobe Edge Newsletter, December 2007 issue, which everyone should subscribe to if your into any kind of graphics or design.

Le Courage Screenshots Stella Artois

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