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Radiohead: House of Cards


Here is a crazy video from Radiohead using no cameras, “uses real time 3D recording instead of cameras, utilizing highly technical structured light and Lidar laser-enhanced scanners to model lead singer Thom Yorke and provide an otherworldly narrative accompaniment to the song.” The  technology here creates all kinds of directions for video and scanning. I am thinking of real-time images for something like goolge street view to have live images via the web. Obviously the technology would have to become much more cleaner but the possibilities are unlimited. 

On the other hand, the way the technology is being used in this video provides an amazing mood which compliments the song perfectly. Radiohead has a way of combining current technology into their music and videos that push the boundaries in a variety of fields which leads to an entire multimedia experience. The attack on all the senses makes the band brilliant. Check out the video as well as an article and behind the scenes video from Creativity Online…

Link to Article and a behind the scenes video ~ via CREATIVITY


  1. Yep. I thought this video was brilliant. Have you seen the behind the scenes video? — ah… just saw your link.


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