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Ranch Rush from FreshGames


I have a iPod Touch which continues to amuse and waste time for me, but recently I downloaded FreshGames’ Ranch Rush. One of the more entertaining games I have played on the device. I don’t consider myself much of a gamer, I did have a bunch of the Nintendos back in the day, but the Touch has filled my gaming void via a hand-held device. Anyway, Ranch Rush is entertaining in that you get orders and fill them on a farm. You get to grow, make and raise all kinds of crops and animals which the choice gets larger as you progress through the game. The orders also get progressively harder as well making the game play fast and fun. My favorite and the most addicting part is the trophy room where different tasks are required to earn rewards, which aren’t all possible to do one time through the game. There is also novice and expert modes making the longevity of the game much better compared to others I have played. Definitely worth looking into if you are in the market for a fun, entertaining farm-themed game. Even better it sounds like Ranch Rush 2 is coming soon!

Ranch Rush

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