adam wagler

Special Olympics 2010 USA National Games


Over the last several months I have been working with a small group at work planning for the Special Olympics 2010 USA National Games in Lincoln, Nebraska. The college I work for has two classes this summer that I am co-teaching which are devoted to producing content and promoting the Special Olympics while they are in town. It has been a great experience and has given me the opportunity to work with some very talented students last semester to producing a website for students working this summer that will populate the site with Special Olympics video and photo content.

I am looking forward to working with students over the next few weeks to produce and promote their work for the Special Olympics and should be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. We are also using a variety of social media such as foursquare, twitter, and flickr to both promote the content being produced as well as connect all the people involved. Stay up-to-date through the site that was developed by students during the Spring semester and is being populated by students this summer.

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