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Visiting Professorship at Colle+McVoy

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Colle+McVoy UNL CoJMC

Today I started a visiting professorship at Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis, MN. The next two weeks I will be working with digital strategists, account people, and creatives on their current interactive projects with a goal to explore how the UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications can incorporate what the industry is doing into the classroom.

Colle+McVoy has been very welcoming and I have already had some great conversations about how the academy and the industry can work together to create great ideas that can benefit both parties.

I am primarily spending my time with digital people. It is interesting to note that for students basics skills such as strategy, writing and business sense are still very important. With that said, today I sat in a couple of great meetings about how social media is being used in campaigns and the creative development of a microsite.

Today was filled with introductions to many people who think creatively about digital media and I am looking forward to conversing with them throughout the next two weeks. I will continue posting updates on this blog about my experiences with the advertising agency, but also how digital is being used in the advertising industry and how it can translate to college courses.

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  1. I will be reading your blog and learning from you! What a great experience for you AND for them to have you!

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