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Analytics Everywhere


During the last two weeks at Colle+McVoy I anticipated seeing analytics, but have really been inspired and enlightened on how they are being used to connect with audiences from website strategies to social media insights to keyword research for SEO. The most obvious tool is Google Analytics which give some great stats on your website beyond visits. This isn’t new, but I have learned some great additions like custom segmentation and reporting that allow for a comparison of where visitors are coming from. Using this to get an idea of amount of traffic coming from each social media site gives a great basis on what to build on for social media strategies.

Tons of tools, techniques and resources have come out of the last two weeks which will be great to bring back into the classroom. A great example of an amazing analytics resource is the source of the graphic above, Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik. The chart shows how to think about analytics beyond just how many visits you have and extends it to include analyzing and interpreting the data to get to user insights.

Some of the tools that are out there to “listen” to social media trends are Radian6, SM2, TweetStats, and Collective Intellect. These have all been really cool to poke around in and see the data you can pull based on conversations that are happening on the web. Many of these tools go well beyond just providing analytics, but track trends and attempts to organize similar comments and sentiments into insights of conversations taking place on social media sites.


  1. The insights one can glean from social data and web analystics is amazing. Thank you for giving our tool a shout out. Our tool has the ability to integrate with web analytics data, linking social media content to web traffic, conversions and leads.

    Lauren Vargas
    Sr. Community Manager at Radian6

  2. As a former student of yours and someone who is getting ready to dive into the social media world, corporations are interested not just in the message monitoring and online reputation management, but also ways to streamline the content they are producing. In other words, getting more results with less time spent on social media. Tools such as HootSuite or Sprout Social can both monitor the socialsphere and integrate various social media accounts. And for pretty cheap.

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