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Special Olympics, AEJMC, & Colle+McVoy = Busy Summer


In an effort to stay consistent this summer, August is shaping up to a busy one.

The Special Olympics course concluded last week with a spectacular experience for everyone involved. The students were amazing. They produced an amazing amount of quality content for the website as well as represented the college. We used social media to help manage the amount of people and ideas being developed. Foursquare was used to allow students check in at venues that were being covered. Multiple twitter accounts were used to provide leads to other students in the course. With most of the students out in the field, we used Hootsuite to manage and track the variety of accounts and feeds generated by the class. Additionally, advertising students managed the official Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Special Olympics.

The fast-paced course generated over 20,000 views on the website from around the national and world. The student generated content was picked up my media outlets around the country, including Sport Illustrated for Kids. And most importantly the students commented about learning a ton as well as enjoying themselves during the event. Our new dean, Gary Kebbel, has a great post on the course and a co-teacher for the class, Barney McCoy had a great recap of the two weeks.

With Special Olympics finished it is off to the AEJMC Conference later this week in Denver, CO where I am presenting Wednesday evening on using new media in the classroom. Feel free to stop by, the panel is called “Creativity, Technology and Gender” and starts at 5:00pm.

After the conference in Colorado I will be heading to Minneapolis for two weeks to work with Colle+McVoy. They are an amazing advertising agency that does some great work with digital and interactive media. Once I get up and going I will update you on my experiences.

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