adam wagler

Wireframing Fun is Necessary for Production


Wireframing is a very basic idea, but a foundation for the production process that has always been very interesting to me. Something that I have really enjoyed during my time thus far at Colle+McVoy for very nerdy reasons is the use and discussion around wireframes for projects. The concept of wireframes is not new or unheard of, but they are a great way to start to visualize what a digital project will look like as well as the different features it will include.

For those unfamiliar with wireframes they are the first step before the design and development of any digital project begins. It gives the structure of the idea in the form of boxes with few visual details to begin discussion about layout, features, and organization of content for the application. Good wireframes will also include references that highlight areas and elements of interested.

Seeing these over the past week solidifies the idea that a great deal of preplanning must be worked through in an effort to produce projects as efficiently as possible. If everyone has a clear idea of the direction things can move smoothly through design and production.

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