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6 Technology Developments to Track


Over the last few months there have been some cool technologies I have had my eye on. Here is a quick list of interesting developments pointing to a cool future for sharing content, communicating with audiences, and automating tasks. As these technologies combine to build new user experiences we’ll get to see some cool new turns and opportunities to creatively mix them together to develop new ways to interact with content.

Lenovo Eye Tracking Laptop

Read more about lenovo’s eye tracking laptop.

Kinect Finger Tracking

Nice prototype application for interactive displays:

Read more about the proof of concept on Mashable.

Quantum Levitation

Obvious applications to transportation, but brings up interesting thoughts on how people could work and interact with the world around them when you combine it with the eye/finger tracking and voice commands. Read more about it on Wired.

Siri on iPhone 4S

Siri goes without saying, but the further voice command and interaction develops we’ll see some interesting ways we interact with each other and our devices.

Twine Sensors

Interesting technology that makes connecting, automating, and tracking thing easier for a wider audience. As hardware and software become more accessible and incorporate DIY methods it will be awesome to see how workplaces, storefronts, and homes will incorporate these technologies.  Read more about Twine.

Computer Contact Lenses

Super sci-fi, but it is just a matter of time before augmented reality and screens become more flexible and integrated into our experiences. Again you start combine the cool ways to interact with content makes it an exciting time. Who wants to have to dig out their phone! Read more about Washington University’s reaserch.

All these have huge implications for education, communications, media, advertising and everywhere we access information. You can easily image going by a store front and controlling the display by tracking your hand and eyes. When you want to compare prices, access you contact lenses using a voice command and scan the items. Sound a little far fetched? Maybe, I am still waiting for flying cars like Doc Brown had in “Back to the Future.” Seeing these technologies developing is one thing, but will be awesome to be apart of how they are used and function in everyday life.

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