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Top 5 iPad App Recommendations


Over the last few months I have had a number of people have ask me about apps I use on my iPad, so here’s a list of the top ones I have using for work, research, and teaching.


1. Evernote: great for organization. I usually explain it as a app that has multimedia notebooks – add in text, images, video and audio. Tons of features, but the trick is to figure out an organizational structure of notebooks and tags and you are off. I use it for the different projects at work. I also use it for research on the web and reading articles. It is handy because it syncs to the desktop app so works from multiple devices reference all you notes. Also, check out companion apps such as Skitch for image annotations and web clipper to save parts of websites. Evernote on the App Store.


2. Dropbox: a staple for sharing and sync files between devices but always worth mention. I upgraded to the 100GB plan that I have been using the last couple years. Well worth it for personal use, but great for collaboration by sharing folders and also having access to a public folder to put up live documents. A sidebar is you also might look at Google Drive. Dropbox on the App Store.


3. iAnnotate PDF: great for marking up PDFs for grading or research. Since I am getting ready for comps and starting my dissertation it has been a nice tool to take notes on research articles I have downloaded.. You can do a number of annotations, but the best is it works with Dropbox and gives you a quick way to see all you notes from the PDF. A stylus is also a good companion for this app. iAnnotate on the App Store.


4. OmniGraffle: as a designer this is a great wire framing and planning app. You can quickly draw out diagrams and export them in multiple formats. There are some great free libraries of symbols and templates to make the process faster. The only downside is that it is pretty pricey. OmniGraffle on the App Store.


5. Paper: At first glance a very simple app for sketching. Simple concept with sketchbooks to draw in. The app is free, but I purchased the brushes which is well worth it. The app has great features and allows me to go beyond wireframes. If you are a teaching this might be a good option for students or groups sketch out ideas or field notes quickly. Paper on the App Store.

The list could go on and on, but these seem to be the apps that I keep coming back to for productivity and have been mentioning them a lot to colleagues.


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