adam wagler


Closing the Health Gap: An Energy-balance Approach to Bridging Early Childhood Obesity Disparities among At-risk Children in Rural and Urban Nebraska, 2016-present
A Food for Health planning grant with the goal to make significant and measurable impacts on reducing Nebraska’s childhood obesity epidemic, we will leverage state-wide expertise and form a cross-campus team to develop a multilevel, multicomponent early childhood obesity prevention curriculum focusing on both nutrition and physical activity among early-age at-risk children in rural and urban Nebraska. Lead a team in the development of a virtual reality (VR) application for the Google Cardboard platform as well as conducted research on VR user experience and usability.

Seacrest-Kiewit Development Grant, 2014-present
A grant for $9,500 to research and develop virtual reality efforts at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at UNL. The funds are being used to purchase equipment for the development of virtual reality experiences and 360 video for the College.

Maker Hours at the CoJMC, 2013-present
Co-lead “Maker Hours” at the CoJMC with journalism professor, Matt Waite. Maker Hours is an open lab on Friday afternoons that creates a space for students to learn how to design, code, and work on a variety of creative projects. It is a great experience for students, but also serves as an opportunity to try out new technologies that may be integrated into future courses.

Biology of Human SEPA NIH-NCRR Grant, 2014-2016

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications at UNL received funding for an undergraduate student research assistant and technology including a 3D printer, 360 video camera, and Oculus Rift VR headset. The Biology of Human, $1.3 million, project focuses on helping youth and adult audiences understand themselves by exploring scientific principles that shape modern research in human biology. Served as a co-leader for a middle school community-learning program. Duties included development curriculum and activities using 3D technology for the program, advisor to website and mobile app creation, and research into learning using emerging media.

2015 State Games of America, 2015
Planning and coordinating with the State Games of America marketing professionals to involve the CoJMC in the 2015 National Games held in Lincoln, Nebraska July 28-August 2, 2015. The State Games course will be held in the summer of 2015 and co-taught with Professors Sheri Sallee, Jerry Renaud, and Bernard McCoy. The project will serve as the documentation team for the State Games with the students producing and posting their coverage to websites and social media.

Social Media Monitoring, 2013
Internal funding for $26,700 from ALEC to support the creation of social media monitoring and big data analysis in the field of communications. Funds were used to purchase Sysomos MAP, a tool to support research and student projects. The projects fueled other proposals and applications for sustained funding for additional projects.

Marketing in a New Era, Nebraska Soybean Board Grant, 2012-2013
Marketing in a New Era is an agriculture market simulation developed as part of a $40,000 grant from the Soybean Board of Nebraska. The project created a web-based and native app used across the state and region to teach audiences about how the ag market works. Features include realistic and customizable scenarios, a group game play mode, and visualization of progress throughout the season.

Lake McConaughy Interactive Water Display, 2012-2013
An interactive display was for the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Water for Food initiative at UNL. The exhibit promotes the technological developments in agriculture in Nebraska and the impact on food production. The overarching theme is using water more efficiently to produce more food with less environmental impact. A 42″ touchscreen is used to display short videos and interactive activities to learn about different aspects of the exhibit’s goals. Additionally, a few of the activities are built as native apps for visitors to continue interacting with the exhibit after they leave. View a video of display.

AEJMC / Knight Foundation Grant, 2011-2012
A $8,000 AEJMC/Knight Foundation Bridge Grant given to ten faculty across the country who are doing the best jobs integrating Knight Foundation news innovations into the work, publications, websites, or mobile apps. The grant helped fund the integration into a new web app, Global Eyewitness, of Document Cloud, a document sharing and annotation system; Politiwidgets, website widgets developed through Sunlight (Foundation) Labs to easily access information about voting records and political contributions to Congress; and BookBrewer, an ebook publishing system. I led a student team to design and develop an interactive product to promote the global photojournalism projects from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at UNL. A web app was built and optimized for tablet devices allowing users to browse projects and interact with contributors. The project set the foundation for the photojournalism projects to make journalism part of the solution to global poverty by allowing users to take action. The application was developed in conjunction with the Raikes School Design Studio program.

World of Viruses Supplement to NIH-NCRR Grant, 2009-2012
A $200,000 stimulus grant to create a Web site and mobile applications for the World of Viruses project. UNL Computer Science, Morrill Hall, CoJMC, Nebraska Center for Virology, and University of Nebraska Medical Center are all collaborating to develop interactive products for engaging audiences to learn about virology. Advisor to the project and a project manager for the HIV iPad application. Duties include development of ideas and interactive elements for the products. Conducting research on tablet usage and learning opportunities created with the iPad.

Sochi, Russia 2014 Winter Olympics Mobile Lab, 2011
Co-leader for a group of undergraduate students to participate in a study abroad course where they learned about Russian media in Moscow and the impact the 2014 Winter Olympics is having on the community of Sochi. Students and faculty worked closely with Russian colleagues to experiment with mobile technologies and workflows for producing media with mobile devices.

Omaha Science Media Project, 2008-2011
A $1.8 million grant-funded by the Sherwood Foundation. The Omaha Science Media Project was a collaboration among the Omaha Public Schools (OPS), University of Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska Center for Virology, University of Nebraska State Museum, NET Television, CoJMC, Soundprint Media Center, Inc., and Northwestern University. “Media mentor” for the July 2009 workshop for OPS high school students and OPS teachers. Developed the second year budget for the CoJMC portion of the project and served as mentor during the 2010 summer workshop, which used DIY methods of creating video products. Additionally, managed a team of students that produced an award winning (Silver ADDY, 2011) website and designed a printed book for the project. The project included funding for equipment, two graduate assistants, three undergraduate workers, and travel for research presentations.

Special Olympics 2010 USA National Games, 2010
Planned and coordinated with Special Olympics media professionals to involve the CoJMC in the Special Olympics 2010 USA National Games held in Lincoln, Nebraska July 18-23, 2010. My Spring 2010 Advanced New Media course developed a website for our coverage. The Special Olympics course held in the Summer of 2010 was co-taught with myself, Professors Amy Struthers, Jerry Renaud, and Bernard McCoy. The project served as the documentation team for the Special Olympics with the students producing and posting their coverage to the website. During the weeklong event the students produced over 300 entries, covered 14 venues throughout Lincoln, and the website received over 100,000 page views from around the country.

Minority Health-Related Grant: Delivering Health Science to Diverse Teens by Cell Phone, 2009- 2010
A $75,000 grant project that produced an iPhone game that put students in control of how they learn about viruses. The game was developed as a pilot to see how mobile games could be used as an informal learning tool. NET, UNL Computer Science, Morrill Hall, CoJMC, and NCV all collaborated to develop the game. Served as a project advisor participating in brainstorming sessions, developing ideas for the game, and creatively incorporating science concepts into the game.

Strategic Discussions for Nebraska, 2007-2010
Strategic Discussions for Nebraska (SDN), began as a $180,000 grant-funded research project in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Its mission was to promote discussions in communities throughout the state about vital national issues that affect Nebraska and the people who live here. Designed all materials, including magazines, the website and all other promotional materials.