adam wagler



Wagler, A. (In progress). Resisting the urge to profess: A case study for rethinking visual communications curriculum in higher education.

Wagler, A. & Yan, C. (In progress). User experience design of a virtual reality application for kids: Evaluating interaction with a healthy eating and physical activity virtual reality application.

Wagler, A. & Hanus, M. (In progress). Impact 360 video and virtual reality have on engagement and recall of messages.

Wagler, A. (In progress). Developing an understanding of how college students experience interactive instructional technology: A UX perspective.

Wagler, A. (2016). The Interaction Is the Message: A User Experience Perspective with Owned Media. In R. Brown, V. Jones, & B. Wang (Eds.), The New Advertising: Branding, Content and Consumer Relationships in the Data-driven Social Media Era. Santa Barbara: Praeger/ABC Clio.

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Academic Presentations

“Rebuilding from the ground Up: A new visual communications program using a mashup of an emporium model and challenge based learning” 2016 Adobe EDUMAX, 11/2016, San Diego, CA.

“The Interaction is the Message” The New Advertising Panel. Paper presentation at 2016 AEJMC Annual Conference, 8/2016, Minneapolis, MN.

“Rethinking Visual Communications Curriculum Through a Emporium Model” 2016 AIGA Design Educators Nuts + Bolts Conference, 6/2016, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH.

“Visual Communications Emporium Model” 2016 Innovation in Pedagogy and Technology Symposium, 5/2016, Lincoln, NE.

“Using Sports as a Way to Integrate Broadcasting with Advertising and Public Relations.” 2016 Broadcast Education Association (BEA), 4/2016, Las Vegas, NV.

“Importance of User Experience Design with Interactive Media.” Presentation at Eureka! 2016 Extension Conference, 3/2016, Lincoln, NE

“Developing an Understanding of How Students Experience Interactive Technology: A UX Perspective.”
Paper presentation at the 12th Annual Online Learning Consortium Blended Learning Conference and Workshop, 7/2015, Denver, CO.

“The Interaction is the Message: A Meta-analysis of User Experience with Owned Media in Marketing Campaigns.”
Paper presentation at 2015 AEJMC Mid-Winter Conference, 3/2015, Norman, OK.

“Teach like they build it: A user experience approach to interactive media in advertising education.”
Paper presentation at 2014 AEJMC Annual Conference, 8/2014, Montreal, Canada.
* Winner of Top Ad Division Teaching Paper Award.

“Tweeting the 2012 drought in Nebraska: Understanding how public issues are discussed on Twitter” with Cannon, K.
Paper presentation at the 2014 Annual Meeting of Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Agricultural Communications Section, 2/2014, Dallas, TX
* Winner of Outstanding Research Poster Award.

“Using Social Media Monitoring to Track Public Issues” with Cannon, K.
Project Presentation at 2013 Association for Communication Excellence / National Extension Technology Conference, 6/2013, Indianapolis, IN

“AEJMC / Knight Foundation Bridge Grant Presentation: Global Eyewitness Photojournalism Mobile App.”
Project Presentation at 2012 AEJMC Annual Conference, 8/2012, Chicago, IL

“Exploring interactive media from the perspective of creative professionals at advertising agencies in the Midwest.”
Paper Presentation at 2012 AEJMC Annual Conference, 8/2012, Chicago, IL

“Student Perceptions of Public Relations and Journalism: Attitude Shifts Through Curriculum Innovation.” with McCoy, B., Renaud, J., Struthers, A. & Baker, J.
Paper presentation at 2011 AEJMC Mid-winter Conference, 3/2011, Norman, OK

“Turning Points with New Media: Discourses Created by Interactive Advertising Campaigns.”
Paper presentation at 2011 No Limits! Conference, 3/2011, Kearney, NE

“Informal Learning Using New Technologies: Extending the Classroom Through Media.”
Paper presentation at 2010 AEJMC Annual Conference, 8/2010, Denver, CO

Professional Presentations

“Opportunities for Virtual Reality in Student Learning and Teacher Evaluation.”
Presentation at 2015 Innovation in Pedagogy and Technology Symposium, 5/2015, Lincoln, NE.

“Social Media Monitoring to Understand How Public Issues are Discussed Online.” with Cannon, K., Specht, A, Singh, V, & Colgrove, N.
Presentation at Eureka! 2014 Extension Conference, 3/2014, Lincoln, NE

“Communicating with New Media.”
Presentation for Russian delegates from Open World – Friendship Force, 1/2013, Lincoln, NE

“Web Development Best Practices.”
Presentation at the Technology Training Series, 12/2012, Lincoln, NE

“Cloud Computing for Small Businesses.”
Webinar Presenter for the Nebraska Broadband Initiative, 11/2012, Lincoln, NE

“Marketing in a New Era: An Agriculture Simulation.”
Presentation at the 2012 NCEA Conference, 10/2012, Grand Island, NE

“Using your iPad as a Teaching Tool.”
Presentation at the 2012 UNL Extension Conference, 10/2012, Grand Island, NE

“Technology Training Series.”
Webinar Presenter for the Tech Training Series at UNL, 8/2012, Lincoln, NE

“World of Viruses iPad Application Podcast.”
Interviewed for TechEDGE Podcast, 6/22/2012, Lincoln, NE

“Experimenting with Technology in a Changing Media Environment.”
Keynote Presentation at 2012 TechEDGE Conference, 3/2012, Lincoln, NE

“iPads Apps as Learning Tools.”
Presentation at UNL Distance Education Luncheon, 3/2011, Lincoln, NE

“Mobile’s Impact on Media.”
Presentation at NET Television Lunch and Learn Series, 3/2011, Lincoln, NE

“What makes a good website?”
Presentation at 2009 Nebraska Broadcasters Association Annual Conference, 8/2009, Omaha, NE